O Level English Booster Course

Click here to download the computer version (size: 4.6GB).

Important Notice: If you downloaded the computer version before December 2020, it might not work. To solve the problem, download fp.exe and replace the “Start.exe” file with this one. (This happened due to the support for flash software support stopped by the end of 2020. You can read about it here)

Download the printouts for lessons 1-100 by clicking here (106.3MB).

Download the video version lessons at 720p resolution below.

Lessons 1-25 (2.77GB)

Lessons 26-50 (3.66GB)

Lessons 51-75 (3.45GB)

Lessons 76-100 (3.99GB)

Download Grade 1-5 e-lessons.

Grade – 1 (630MB)    

Grade – 2 (183MB)  

Grade – 3 (1.64GB)  

Grade – 4 (730MB)   

Grade – 5 (1.98GB)   

Handwriting (2.17MB)   

Phonics (272MB)


O Level English Booster Course videos on YouTube.

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