Creating opportunities for a brighter future

Education programme

We provide students a safe and open learning environment, offering quality education, in the subjects of English and ICT, and skill development opportunities, whilst also promoting freedom of expression, critical thinking, teamwork skills and an inclusive outlook. In this way, children can not only acquire skills and qualifications to secure employment in the job market but also grow into responsible citizens. We prioritise and promote self-learning, a key component of our ICT training programme.

Why we focus on English, ICT and self-learning

For young persons, good English proficiency is often a requirement to finding suitable training and employment opportunities. However, due to the civil war, at least two generations of school children are struggling to meet the bare essential English language school standards in the poorer performing education zones, primarily as the teachers are not capacitated and the English curriculum is not prioritised by the schooling system or families of children.

Poor English correlates to poor Information and Communications Technology (ICT) capability and therefore the prospects of young persons are further crippled with their inability to effectively access more information, to improve their knowledge and to self-educate digitally in an ‘information age.’

Teacher training

Additionally, we organize teacher training programs to address pedagogical gaps and empower teachers.

Community capacity building

We want to empower vulnerable people through civil society organisations (CSO). Our work centres on empowering women at the community level and raising their profile so they are able to participate at both decision-making and political levels.